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 Death Throne Mini-game

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PostSubject: Death Throne Mini-game   Wed Mar 07, 2012 4:33 am

Hello guys bethsidea12 here, Are new mini-game is now playable! This new mini-game is located in the fight caves. To get there teleport to the fightcaves, Once your there follow the small path on your right, It will lead you to the fight pits. This mini-game is in the fight pits and is completely safe. You pass through the first barrier and then you’re in the lobby. Now it’s time for how the mini-game works and the rules for it. You and 3 others will be chosen out of the lobby to the fight pit by a staff member, He will then spawn a monster or monsters. These can be anything, Even Jad, You will fight the monster or monsters tell only 1 player is left, Next the player will be teleported to a admin or mod and will be given a reward for the last man standing. Your rewards depend on the amount of enemies and the enemy, Beating Corp would give you a good chance for a sigil or a blesses spirit shield. Rules of this game are, 1. If you follow out of the fight pit to get out you will not get a reward if you are last, instead the 2nd to last will get it. 2. No more than 5 players can play, If you somehow glitch into a game you will be temp jailed. That is really all the rules for this mini-game. Last ill talk about the big prize, Jad is lurking in the new mini-game, but he does not attack you nor can you attack him. If you can kill jad in the fight pit somehow you will receive a big reward. This mini-game was created with 0% coding and completely runned by staff so no cheating goes on in the mini-game. Last I’d like to say its 99% safe, if somehow you items where lost after dying. The staff member hosting the game will confirm you where in it and items where dropped. If items do not show up you will be fully refunded. Run to the fight pits and enjoy this Awesome mini-game!
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Death Throne Mini-game
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