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 Frost Dragon Guide

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PostSubject: Frost Dragon Guide   Mon Mar 19, 2012 6:51 pm

Okay ,first of all ,i know there's all ready a guide for Frost Dragons by Night. I feel it's not detailed enough, though. So, i'm making one myself.
For new players, killing a Level 252 monster seems very diffucult. However, there is a large money making opprotunity in killing Frost Dragons because their bones are worth 5 million coins and ALOT of prayer XP.(Don't know exact numbers) plus any other loot you may recieve. But again, their Combat Level is 252, so we gotta prepare. If your new, first get at least a combat level of 80. Then, go to the genral store and buy an Anti-Dragon shield, which cost like 20 coins, so there easily obtainable, or if your all ready wealthy enough you should go to Karim and buy a Dragonfire Shield, which is 17.6 million coins. Next are your weapons:

If your using meele:Chaotic Rapier/Longsword-Abbysal Whip-Barrows Gear*-Dragon Scimitar/Longsword.

If your using range:Chotic Crossbow or Rune Crossbow-Any 2-Handed bow*

If your usng mage: Chaotic Staff-Staff of Light-Ancient staff. I seriously recommend being able to use barrage spells and have at least 500 casts worth of runes.

*If you have it, you may want to take an Amadryl Godsword or Dragon Claws, as the special attack could deal enough damage to heal youself signifigantlly.*

Now that you have your weapons, you will need armor, as the dragon will attack with meele as well as dragonfire, so here is what you shold use for meele:

Headgear-Torva Full helm-Verac's/D'Harock's Helm-Helm of Neitziot-Dragon/Rune full Helm
Amulet-Ammulet of fury-Ammulet of Glory-Ammulet of strength
Upper Body-Torva Platebody-Bandos Chestplate-Barrows Meele platebody-Dragon platebody
Lower Body-Torva Platelegs-Verac's Platelegs-Bandos tassets-Dragon Platelegs-Rune Gear
Boots-Dragon boots or Rock Climbing boots*
Gloves-Try to get barrows gloves or dragon gloves
Ring-Berserker/Warrior ring
Cape-Max cape(not sure if too many people have it)-Fire cape-Skillcape-Obsidian Cape*

For range:

Headgear-Armadyl Helmet-Robin Hood Hat-Archer Helm
Upper Body-Armadyl chestplate-Strongest D'Hide you have
Lower Body-Same as upper body,but using leg armor
Ammulet-Ammulet of fury-Ammulet of glory-Ammulet of ranging
Ring-Archer's ring
Gloves-Black D'hide vambs should be easily affordable, so use them
Boots-Ranger boots-Dragon Boots*
Cape-Same for meele

For mage:

Headgear-Virtus Mask-Ahrim's Hood-Infinity Hat-Seer's helm
Upper body-Virtus Robe top-Ahrim's Robe top-Infinity robe top
Lower Body-Virtus Robe Bottoms-Ahrim's Robe bottoms-Infinity robe bottoms
Ammulet-Same as range-Ammulet of magic
Ring-Seer's ring
Gloves-Infnity gloves
Boots-Infinity boos-Dragon boots*
Cape-Same as meele

*Not recommended

I am not a pure, so for you pures out there, I don't know what to tell you. Just use the best gear you have.

Your inventory can vary dependingon how much you want to watch it. I usually take four prayer potions and just use Soul Split to heal, however I usually watch my account. So,you can do what I do and use prayer potions when your prayer runs low. You can always food, but I don't think thats too smart unless you bring rocktails. Finally, you can use a Saradomin brew and Superr restore/Overload combo, but I don't recommend this either,as you would need a summonong familiar to carry extra food suppies, and I could use my familiar to hold extra loot. However, you can choose whatever strategy you want.

Talk to Captian Rovin at home and he will teleport you to the frost dragon zone. That's it! Just start fighting the dragons.

Here are the drops:
Frost Dragon Bones- 5m(always)
Ahrim's Staff 0-85k(or you can repair and sell for 10m)(Quite often)
Ancient Staff-100k(Almost always if there's not an Ahrim's Staff)
Saradomin Sword-30m(Quite rare)
Armadyl Hilt-300m(Almost never)

Just a hint:If your using a DragnFire Shield, remember to discharge by using the "operate" option on the armor menu,every now and then

Hope it helps!!
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PostSubject: Re: Frost Dragon Guide   Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:39 am

Thanks mate, this saves me alot of time Smile haha
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Frost Dragon Guide
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