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 Newly added rules

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PostSubject: Newly added rules   Thu Apr 19, 2012 12:24 am

First off these are newely added, Anybefore will still take effect

1.No trading items for another item from admin+

2.No luring mods by asking for help in wildy

3. After a ban no switching acounts tell yell or complain, If a admin+ bans you its for a reasone

4. Do not publicly yell out a problem you have with a staff member, Talk to a admin or owner about this through Private message

5. Do not talk about others family members

6. If your acount has been hacked please post on forums or talk to a local admin to get the problem solved

7. If your acount has been hacked and you lost items please show proof(Picture or video) of this happening

8. If your acount is hacked because someone saw a file showing your password, Please show proof of this happening or evidence

9. Do not disrespect any staff member, Depending on whats said to the staff member by you can resault in anything from a jail and mute to a shortterm ban or possibley a perm ban

10. After a perm ban you are no longer allowed into the community on another acount
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PostSubject: Re: Newly added rules   Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:00 am

Agreed, nice rules and thanks for taking the time to do this beth Wink
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Newly added rules
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