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 ALL PLEASE READ!!! Involves runedread V3 and good news on v2!!

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PostSubject: ALL PLEASE READ!!! Involves runedread V3 and good news on v2!!   Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:27 pm

note:Please go down all the way to the bottom to hear about some good news about Runedread V2!!! if you wanna read about v3 read below!

Hello everyone, People have been wondering exactly were ive been. At the release of Runedread V3 on may 30th,2012 i linked you too the mediafire link givin to me by one of the coders, The File that was uploaded was removed and i was sent a false link aswell. The coder has been fired for telling me that he did in fact give me a link when if he did it would atleast say the download was removed. The client file for just the client and coding is aprox 2GB. A part of the source's coding is inside the client folder to properly run the new animation and character models, in total the whole client folder is 35GB.

Alot of rendering went into this project and were working on compressing the files to a lower amount and getting rid of some models in the source to lower the Gb. However because the problem we were delayed, But only by 5 days, During the 3rd day of getting this figured out we had 10 testers go on testing 1T Desktops with as much ram as we could put it to test the game. The following below is the report givin to Cody(Top coder) and Josh(Top animater) on june 5th 2012.

nick(tester) Report for runedread V3 Beta: pvp(updated version v.2) lagged, Animation on both scene 5-6 lag you out of the game and restart the quest(major complaint) the demithion hatchet disapears from your inventory when clicking yew trees. Both enchantment crafted weaponse> sword of exile and rune scimitar(g) have a 22.3% chance of hitting max. Both iron spear and dragon spear attack the same and hit the same damage%. GE portable laggs out when fighting aramdyl boss,Tzkets or goblins. after crafting a sword with blade run edges the game will show you at max HP as a illusion. Both crystal (E) bow and cross bow(E) only hit twice and not 5 when hitting lesser demons.

John(tester) Report for runedread V3 Beta: When at runedread V3 start menu, When you click find admin it will crash your window. Iron hatchet and steel hatchet can be brought and worn into duel arena strict hand to hand rules. world 30 will lagg out whenever someone clicks air alter(big complaint due to it being rc world) the aby whip will disapear from your inventory when trading more then 10 items with anther player or general store/npc's when completeing the quest ritual of a dead monk you are told you get a reward of 1million coins. Once recieved you lagg out and once logged in you are reset. In boss battle 5 of camalot your character will stop in the middle of action sequence 9 and the game will refresh from checkpoint( 3 hours before)

Now remember there is 8 other reports to post on here, If you want me to post them i will. But as you can see there are major complaints for animation and coding errors, This was brought up in a staff meeting and we agreed the game will be delayed untell all problems have been fixed with the game. Anyway read below for finally some good news!

Runedread V2 good news: I am offering to eaither host V2 on a vps completely for me already paid for, Or i will host it myself from the source(easyer and faster to setup + i got amazing connection) and youl be able to play as soon as possible. Ik that on runedread V2 im probaly just a regular player on there because adam and jack think im trolling them with the new server. Which doesnt make sense, So why would i troll when i invested literly 300 dollers for donations. Bought a vps out of my pocket. And spent hours and hours constantly hosting whenever i could, If i was trolling then id be techinaclly trolling myself. Anyway if you guys think i should keep my old rank as co-owner or head admin please say so so i can co owner or admin the crap out of the server. Thanks for reading =D
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PostSubject: Re: ALL PLEASE READ!!! Involves runedread V3 and good news on v2!!   Fri Jun 15, 2012 12:41 pm

YOu look like a troll lol =)

LOl im jk Yea you should be head admin because you know jack needs his fans he wants to be popular so give him a chance. Your already popular on the server so give him a chance to feel the pain that you did when people keep coming to you about problems. =)
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ALL PLEASE READ!!! Involves runedread V3 and good news on v2!!
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