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 Staff Application:Dr. Zeal

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Dr. Zeal

Dr. Zeal

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PostSubject: Staff Application:Dr. Zeal   Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:00 am

How Long have you been on RuneDread and have you enjoyed it, why? -

Around 4 Hours(Not Really Long) and I have loved it! Its unique in its personal ways and i can see that Adam has put alot of effort into his server.
- Real Name -

- Ingame Name? -

- Age -

- Gender -

- Location -

Frankfort, Kentucky, United States
- Position Applying For -

Either Admin or Moderator
- Do you have experience being staff? -

I Just came back recently after quitting RSPS to help my Runescape clan, Have not done RSPS for over 1 and a half years But I have alot of experience owned a few Servers myself back in the day and helped alot of my friends servers with coding and Outside game assistance(Advertising, Voting, Ect.)
- How Long can you be on Per Day -

Either 1-7 Hours depending on certain factors, I have ran into alot of dilemma's recently but I can mange average 4-5 hours
- What Days of they Week can you be on -

- Why should you be Chosen (explain) -

The explanation why I should be chosen would basiclly be after seeing this server I absolutely loved it and I fleet a Call of duty to help you guys, That one gutt feeling that can change your mind about anything. I listened to that Call and it showed me here. Im willing to do anything in my power to help this server. Runedread!
- Other Information -

Yes Like to say I really loved the server alot and Im not lying.
-What are you going to do if theres a spammer?-

Try to calm him down first give him 2 chances and then temporary mute him for 5 mins then un-mute and if he contune's i might have to resort to my drastic measures.(Perm Mute)
- What are you going to do if someone is using offensive lang? -

Try possibly to point out to him not to curse inside this server or try to slow it down a bit. if they don't Its a 30 mins temporary mute.
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PostSubject: Re: Staff Application:Dr. Zeal   Mon Sep 03, 2012 4:34 am

Very nice app mate, definately a good person for the position of either admin/mod Smile
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Staff Application:Dr. Zeal
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