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 Achievement System Idea

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Dr. Zeal

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PostSubject: Achievement System Idea   Wed Sep 05, 2012 2:30 pm

|The Achievement System Idea|

Player Explanation:

1.Press the Quest tab
2. At the very top should be a tab saying "Achievement System"
3. Press the tab
4. A interface appears Stating 200 different task you can complete for points

Before in continue more let me explain these 200 different task, These task will give you Task points that can be spent at the Task Manager at Home. But you might be asking there only 200? Would be unfair if it stops right there? That is correct so there will be Daily task everyday for you to complete for points but these task do not affect the 200 that are needed for the Achievement cape (See Cape suggestions to read more about this cape).

5. Complete them for various rewards from the Task Manger at Home
6. After completing the 200 main task talk to the Wise Old Man to receive the Achievement Cape!
7. You can also do 3 Daily task everyday for points that you can spend at the Task Manager.

Staff Explanation:

1. Read though the Player Explanation to get your basic explanation of the Achievement system
2. Code a Task manger system and Rewards and connect it with a NPC that will be at Home.
3. Custom a Achievement Cape for the Men and Women that completed the main 200 tasks of the Achievement System can receive as a reward to show off to others.
4. Code a Tab at the very top of the Quest tab that says "Achievement System" on it with 2 scrolls on both sides of the title.
5. Connect the Tab to a interface that will show all that task They have not achieved or achieved and The instructions for each task.
6.Create a Notification that says in the players chat when they achieved a certain achievement.
7. Create a Notifaction to the player when they achieved all 200 achievements to head to the Wise Old Man to claim there Achievement Cape.
8. Create 200 different main tasks for people to achieve and add it to the Achievement System interface.
9. Then create a System for Daily Tasks and add it to the Achievement System interface.
10. Add 99 task on the Daily task system to start off with and make it rotate 3 task per day meaning it takes 33 days to go though the whole Daily Task system making it not a bother to people to reset new task in it.
11. Fix a few glitches and bugs with it.
12. If it becomes to hard to make more Daily Task you can always use one multiple times.

This is a Idea I came up with myself so its completely unique. Im sure this is really hard to make because its completely custom but it is worth it. Good luck I hope you approve of this Idea Very Happy.
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Achievement System Idea
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