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Welcome To RuneDread!


 RuneDread iS Back!! >Bethsidea12<

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RuneDread iS Back!! >Bethsidea12< Empty
PostSubject: RuneDread iS Back!! >Bethsidea12<   RuneDread iS Back!! >Bethsidea12< EmptyFri Sep 07, 2012 9:00 am

Hello everyone, First id like to give my deepest apologies about the so called "runedreadv3" The point of that wasn't a big troll or to piss anyone off. Runedread V2 was going down the toilet, Adam was starting to get bored so he played real runescape which i don't blame him at all for doing so. At some point i had to code the shops and do some other coding due to the in-activity of Jp, I at the time had little to no coding experience and was barely able to code what i coded. Even if so more and more members were quitting daily! The server to be honest was falling apart as far as everything went. The server was too easy to get cash and armor it made the game not fun at all and just dicing and pking. I needed something to get all you players to stay and not lose hope and well you all did for the most part, But please understand i put nearly $300 into this server and spent hours and hours helping and talking to all the players. I took my job as head admin as seriously as i could and wish to be just that on here as-well.

Runedread is back> So now that that's out of the way id like to say that rune dread is officially back and ready for players to be playing! We'v included more donator items and benifits and adam has recently been fully committed to coding and hosting the server, And so far its going great! So please everyone when you get on the server please thank adam for coding for the server and remaking this wonderful server! He is truly a great owner and im glad i can join him in running the server. Me and adam both want you to enjoy your time playing the game, We want your gamming experiance to be great and if you need help we are there to assist you and will take things seriously when running this server. Yes there is tons of time for jokes but are top priority is keeping you (The player) happy and we hope that we can do just that. And since adam is the coder we will be getting tons of updates so you can never get bored! More features will be added monthly or even weekly! I even offerd to do the hosting for him and he said no strait up. Such a proud moment *sniff* he wants to host and code...Its defiantly a new day for adam. I will also be doing some graphics design(Banner/Backgrounds) and tons more of what i can do including videos! Enough of my blabbering go to the link below and play the hell out of this server!

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RuneDread iS Back!! >Bethsidea12<
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