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 Statics Staff Application

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PostSubject: Statics Staff Application   Statics Staff Application EmptyTue Sep 11, 2012 4:11 am

Hey everyone this is my application please read, Smile

~ - - [Staff Application] - - ~

- How Long have you been on RuneDread and have you enjoyed it, why? - i've been playing for 5 hours now =), and yes i've enjoyed it met some nice people fun skilling! great eco love it Smile
- Real Name - Payne, Ouellette
- Ingame Name? - Static, But if you guy's prefer you can call me by real name Smile
- Age - i'm 17 turning 18 in October! Very Happy
- Gender - Male
- Location - Canada Ont
- Position Applying For - Moderator in-game
- Do you have experience being staff? - Yes i do and not only with server's i have been temp'd in rs-ps and been made perm once. i also was head admin on dedi server ciberscape, I'm pretty proper, in all being said Smile
- How Long can you be on Per Day - i'm Currently not in school so all day =), i am trying though to get registered in a new highscool.
- What Days of they Week can you be on - Mon-Sun, And so fourth lol i'm pretty active when i get hooked.
- Why should you be Chosen (explain) -I don't want to say i deserve to be staff, because that's up to you guy's if i "Deserve" i think i'd be a good edition to the team because i am very patient, i don't get internet rage like alot of kids.. -_-. I know how to handle many situations and how to defuse them. i also do know some Forum coding.. :3
- Other Information - I enjoy English,Girls & Music <3
-What are you going to do if theres a spammer?- well, first i'd ask the player to please stop, if they refuse to listen after 2 warnings, then i will proceed wit what i feel fit for there punishment,
- What are you going to do if someone is using offensive lang? - i would give them a mute for 2 hours or so until they could relax, and if they'd choose to continue after being unmuted then i have no problem sending them to ::jail where they can only swear to themselves Smile


Guy's thanks a bunch for reading hope to hear back from you! Smile

Sincerely, Static <3

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Statics Staff Application
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