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 I Maxed I's staff application.

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I Maxed I

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PostSubject: I Maxed I's staff application.   Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:07 pm

- How Long have you been on RuneDread and have you enjoyed it, why? -
I've been there for 1 day and i like it because its well made source and nice staff members. (For example Ghost.)__________________________________
- Real Name -
- Ingame Name? -
I Maxed I__________________________________
- Age -
- Gender -
- Location -
- Position Applying For -
In-game Moderator &(if possible forum Mod.)__________________________________
- Do you have experience being staff? -
Yes. Mod and Admin on other servers__________________________________
- How Long can you be on Per Day -
As much as i want. I live alone so there is no problems with that.__________________________________
- What Days of they Week can you be on -
Any day.__________________________________
- Why should you be Chosen (explain) -
Because i can keep server secured while other staff members are offline and i like helping people with stuff. Also i have 6 years experience of runescape so i know many things.__________________________________
- Other Information -
I am friendly and i like little bit of gambling but i dont suggest to gamble with new players.__________________________________
-What are you going to do if theres a spammer?-
First i warn him, if he dont stop then mute for 24 hours or ban. Depends on player and hes offences.__________________________________
- What are you going to do if someone is using offensive lang? -
First i warn him. If that don't help then mute for limited time or jail for limited time.
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I Maxed I's staff application.
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